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Lovelorn Lady Apparition - The Nun - Galvez Hotel 5th Floor   

The Galvez Hotel is one of the nicest hotels we've ever had the pleasure of staying in. It reeks of an age where luxury was key, no expense was spared, and to recreate this hotel at the price of today's standards would cost hundreds of millions of dollars. It is an experience unlike none other, truly you will feel like you've stepped back into the past, back to the days when hotels were not only a place to lay your head over night, but a fully functional social club that catered to guest like royalty. From the large, luxurious, authentically furnished lobby and salons to the gorgeous 5 floors worth of standard guest suites, and lastly the 6th and 7th story Junior and Senior suites - this hotel is well worth the visit even if you're not a paranormal investigator with an eye for the haunted floors.

We know the pictures will do this grand hotel little justice however we hope you enjoy them.





November 9, 2005
Ghost Photographic Proof

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Pictures of the Hotel - Non-paranormial photographs of the historic Galvez hotel. Enjoy!






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