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Welcome to the Haunted Galveston donations sections of our website. Ghost hunting ain't easy! And it ain't cheap either! If you've enjoyed the content on our website and would like to donate to the site then please send all donations either through paypal donations or through our amazon honor system! Thanks so much for your support!


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Buy the detailed version of the Haunted Galveston Map! The only one of its kind available on the internet this map is guaranteed to take you to all the spooky places located on the island!

Rare Galvez Hotel Print   $9.99 - Backorder Due in Stock Dec 7
Fine Art Print of the Hotel Galvez. 11x8.5 inches. Gorgeous print would be perfect in any Galveston establishment or home that wants to share a bit of Galveston history.


Extech 480823 EMF/ELF Meter   $69.94
Electro magnetic field reader. The instrument most ghost hunters use to identify a ghost presence. Buy new through amazon.com click on the picture at left to be redirected to the amazon.com website to purchase this item!



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Read Our Ghost journals - each investigator keeps a journal an updates it after each investigation.



Click on one of the books above to purchase - they are all recommended good reading and can be purchased through amazon.com a safe website.



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