Galveston Seawall circa 1916
This small city was once the play ground for millionaires, captains of industry, American presidents, and celebrities. At it's financial peek there was more money in Galveston then in Newport, Rhode Island. Remnants of this financial prosperity can still be found scattered through out the small 30 mile long barrier island.

Mansions line Main Street built by some of the most popular architects of the 20th century including Stanford White (Open Gates) and buildings in The Strand historical district are still a study for modern day architecture students all around the country.

We have complied some of the history of this fascinating Island City here on the website for your enjoyment and education. Please enjoy by clicking on the links at bottom.
The small Island of Galveston has known World, Country, and State wide acclaim and relative obscurity these past 100 or so years. Primarily Galveston is known as the city that barely survived the storm of 1900 that is said to have killed almost half the island population in as little as 12 hours.
Galveston Co. History:

Bolivar Point


Clear Lake Shores

Crystal Beach



Galveston City


High Island



La Marque

League City

Port Bolivar

San Leon

Santa Fe

Texas City

Bigfoot Wallace

Pirate Jean Lafitte

Actor Charles Coghlan

Rosenburg Library

Slave Lucy

St. Marys Orphanage
City of Galveston:

Hurricane of 1900​​​ ​​​  
Raising the Entire City   
Henry Rosenburg

​Maison Rouge
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