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This disembodied head was kept as a relic of the first "possessed" nun. Sister Josephine Rosenthal was declared possessed and denounced by the Pope for immaculate conception. Sister Josephine's immaculate conception was the result of her being a hermaphrodite.
Photo captured of a girl in the early 1900s at a graveside. It wasn’t until years later that the abnormality was discovered.
This photo was taken by a mom of her child’s assembly. The “dancer” was not there and only showed up in one picture. Note the absence of legs.
Lord Combermere who was skeptical about paranormal activity, is involved in a ghostly tale himself. In 1891, he was run over by a horse drawn carriage. A photograph was taken inside the library at Combermere Abbey which shows him sitting in his chair during his own funeral.
This photo features the photographer’s friend dressed in 1880s period costume, using black and white for effect. However, after development, the friends realized that what appeared to be a young boy, also in period dress, had appeared in the shot.
Don't believe in ghost? Well here are a few photographs from all over the world to change your opinion once and for all. Most of these ghostly images and frightening photographs were gathered from across the web into a collection here for your enjoyment. Most have no connection to Galveston what-so-ever but they are still spooky and unexplained. Take a look if you dare and enjoy the terrifying prospect that we are not alone......
Wem Town Hall in England burned to the ground in 1995 — as the fire raged, a man named Tony O’Rahilly took pictures of the burning building. Though no one at the scene recalls seeing a young girl in or around the building, there seems to be one standing at the door in this photograph.
A picture taken in 1975 of Diane Berthelot sitting in the pews at Worstead Church in Norfolk, England, appears to show a creepy white figure sitting just behind here, though nobody else was present at the time the picture was taken by Diane’s husband Peter.
This picture, taken in 1919 of a WWI squadron, appears to show a ghostly face behind the airman in the top row, fourth from left. Members of the squadron who later saw the photo said the face matched that of air mechanic Freddy Jackson, who had been killed in an airplane propeller accident.
This picture was taken in 2008 at the then-under-construction Decebal Hotel in Romania. There had long been reports of a ghostly woman in a long white dress on the premises.