Most of Galveston Island is haunted. Lets face it when 8,000 people die suddenly, most in the prime of their lives, and unexpectedly there is bound to be a haunting or two. From Jean Lafitte's Pirate Fortress, Native Americans, Civil War Battles, yellow fever epidemics, storm victims, a notorious red light district, a recreational playground for the rich and famous, and then just general murder and mayhem Galveston has no shortage of history and haunted locations. 

So this is our list of all the haunted places on Galveston Island and in Galveston County. We are separating it into Island Haunts vs. County Haunts. If you see a location missing from our list please feel free to send us a message with the form below! We love hearing about haunted locations. If you have a story to share about one of the many haunted locations please send that along too! Top 10 Haunted Island Locations

Other Island Haunted Locations:

Maison Rouge

24th & Strand