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Our small group of investigators are native Galveston County residents and area supporters. Many of us having been born and grown up right in this area - we love Island and hope that by sharing our experiences will reflect positively on the islands growth and prosperity.

We've only recently become very interested in sharing our experiences through the web and we hope you all enjoy the stories, pictures, and histories we provide for you. All of our research is done in a more scientific angle, we believe in question first assume second.

We welcome both supporters and skeptics and their opinions. If you would like to offer some kind of feedback on one or more of our investigations you find through this page then please don't hesitate to email us We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you will continue to visit the page often as we plan on updating it as often as we can.

Also be sure to read our journals by clicking on the pictures below. Each ghost hunter updates their journal after each investigations and it's a good source of information from a more personal prospective.




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Updated: November 17, 2005
Recent Ghost Encounters




Memorial Cemetery

Lake View Cemetery






Read Our Ghost journals - each investigator keeps a journal an updates it after each investigation.



Click on one of the books above to purchase - they are all recommended good reading and can be purchased through a safe website.



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