Apparition - Galvez Hotel 5th Floor   Copyright AMWeigel
During a paranormal investigation we conducted in February 2005 we captured the following evidence. We have tried to give you the evidence in every possible way to ensure you that it is real and authentic. We are providing original untouched photographs so that you may evaluate the evidence for yourself without our lightening or darkening the image. Please let us know what you think of the evidence we captured. 

This picture is the picture taken directly prior to the picture with the apparition. It was taken just a few feet farther down the hallway on the frame immediately before our "lady" apparition.

Click on the picture at left to see the full size image - this image hasn't been retouched at all.

This is the actual apparition picture untouched - un-lightened to highlight the apparition - and full size. As you can see it is taken just a few feet down the hall after the first picture above.

Click on the picture at left to see the image in full size and untouched.

Portrait of Viceroy Count Bernardo de Galvez the psudo founder of Galveston Island located in the lobby of the Hotel Galvez. Viceroy Galvez named the island obviously after himself and was in control of the island while Texas was under Spanish control. The portrait is rumored to be haunted and the eyes tend to follow you as you walk past.

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When we heard the painting might be haunted we were a bit amused by the idea of a haunted painting. However we took a few pictures to see what we would get. This is the most interesting by far because of the ghostly skull that appeared instead of the portrait itself.  

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I get this question through the website all the time and the truth is I don't know. Ghost if they exist and I believe they do are energy. Energy that can move from room to room, follow you, and in some rare cases make physical contact with you. So therefore if ghost are energy wouldn't there be a visible sign of their presence? I believe some orbs might actually be ghost. I've seen things, bright balls of light with my bare eyes for example that I can promise you wasn't a fleck of dust or moisture. 

I've also seen a bright red light floating right in front of my face t just disappeared and left me utterly shocked and unable to explain what I had experienced. So I have a problem with the paranormal community just totally discounting orbs as "not ghost." Sadly I believe this opinion was formed because of the popular T.A.P.S. Ghost Hunters television show. I'm not saying all orbs absolutely are ghost.... but at the same time I don't think it's wise for a group who is supposedly running investigations in a "scientific method" to discount evidence. So below I will post our "orb" photographs and let you be the judge. 
This is my favorite orb photograph taken. It looks as though the orb is just moving down the hallway. This is the 5th floor of the Galvez Hotel. Notice the carpets? This was prior to the most recent renovation.
Orb flying into my head? Don't know how I feel about this since we are staying in the haunted room at the Galvez Hotel.
Outside the Galvez Hotel. These orbs are likely moisture, dust, or a combination of both.
My favorite spot at the Galvez Hotel is the fountain courtyard because in 2011 my husband and I were married in front of this fountain.
This was one of the best true orb photographs I believe that we caught. It's bright, uniform in shape, and there are a hundred others like it in the photograph which lends to the fact it isn't moisture or dust.
Vortex, Ectoplasm, & Odd Images

Vortex: An anomaly that appears as a funnel or rope-like image in photographs or, on occasions, to the eye. These images are believed to represent ghosts, collections of orbs or gateways which travel to a wormhole in time-space. 

Ectoplasm: coined from the Greek words ektos and plasma, which together means "outside formed." Ectoplasm is used to describe spiritual energy with substance. Charles Richet created the word ectoplasm to first describe physical manifestations that appeared from psychic mediums during the late 1800's while in trances. Ectoplasm was purportedly secreted from the medium's orifices, such as the ears, nose or mouth. However, ectoplasm of this type was more of a hoax during the rise of spiritualism and fraudulent medium. In modern times, ectoplasm in ghost investigations may still be described as "any unknown physical substance," such as a slime, attributed to a haunting; but, mostly, photographic and video evidence of mists and vapors captured during ghost investigations are being labeled ectoplasm. When a mist is present that cannot be attributed to moisture, fog, smoke, cigarette smoke, steam, or breathe in cold air, the vaporous cloud can usually be assumed to be a physical manifestation of spirit.

Again I don't know if votex or ectoplasm is real or not but I maintain my views on ghost and energy that I described above in the orb section. In the old days these sorts of photographs were explained away as "bad film" but in the age of digital photography we can no longer attribute these unexplained images in that manner. Therefore what are they? I will leave you to decide for yourself.
I really like this photograph because of the golden light. It makes me feel warm because this is what comes to mind when I think of the Galvez. Is it ectoplasm?
Outside the Galvez Hotel in front of the Music Room. The building is painted in golden light again.
Again another photograph we are fighting over. Is the light blob in the center right of the photograph ectoplasm or just a reflection of light off the glass.
We argue over this photograph. Supposedly one of the investigators thinks the white mist on at the side of the photograph is ectoplasm. I say it's just a reflection of light off the white wall. Either way.... you can decide for yourself. It's a nice pic of what the rooms at the Galvez looked like.

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