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Orbs - Galveston Island, TX

This is the orbs section of our Galvez investigation. Orbs are far less interesting then apparitions however we believe they are still creditable evidence to the paranormal therefore we do include them as part of our photographic evidence. Below you will find all the pictures of orbs we captured during our investigation of the Galvez. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.






November 9, 2005
Ghost Photographic Proof

Apparitions - click on this link to view the apparitions that Haunted Galveston was able to capture during this investigation.

Orbs - click on this link to view the orbs we captured during this investigation.

Ectoplasm & Vortez - Click on this link to view the odd things we pictured up in the haunted hallways of the Galvez.

Pictures of the Hotel - Non-paranormal photographs of the historic Galvez hotel. Enjoy!






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