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We stayed at theTremont Sunday, Sept 9,2012 the night before our Carnival Cruise. We retired at 1030 an were awakened by all the lights turning on at midnight and again at 219am. Then at around 4 I nudged my husband and told him I had to go to the bathroom would he turn on the lights ? The very second I said turn on the lights the lights turned on!..CREEPY !....we had a really difficult time getting back to sleep after each incident . I was too scared to get out of bed,but fnally around 5 or 6 I could no longer wait and decided to get up in the dark and turn on the bathroom light only. I turned it on sat down on the toliet and boom ! the light went out !....hollered fo my husband to turn on the lights....It didn't do it again but then we never went back to sleep either !......when we told the Desk at check out we asked if the hotel was having any electrical problems and was told No, then they gave the "oh so sorry story" but did nothing about it.....said will have management call. Never heard a word !.....we had taken pictures earlier in the day and found a couple of really strange shadows and two orbs....on on the wall looked just like a man with a mustashe and possibly a beard . We stayed in Room 424.

By: ace56_12    September 19, 2012
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We received a great holiday discount for our first stay at the Tremont and thought the hotel was beautiful and conveniently located for The Strand St. We had no clue that the hotel had a history of being haunted on the third and fourth floor. My husband and sixteen year old daughter were assigned to room 344. When my daughter initially entered the room she stated that it gave her an eery feeling. When we retired to bed around 10pm about twenty minutes later the ceiling fan turned on full blast. My husband got up and turned it off, just thinking it odd. Around 2 am, a thunderstorm rolled in and my daughter woke up hearing knocking sounds at the outside window and footsteps. She was hot so she got up and turned on the fan for air, and while we laying there listening to the storm the fan clicked off by itself. That freaked us out then! Over by the window where her father was sleeping we saw a darkness pass the crack of light that was shining in from the curtain and less than a minute later we heard three low deep moans in our room very close to our faces, male, and not my sleeping husband. Unlike any noise we had ever heard and each time it increased in volume. We were very scared. Then my daughter and I were basically hanging on to each other, facing each other lying on our sides, and i felt an unusual pain like a knife stabbed into my ribcage so I rolled over and it remained there and felt very real for at least 5 minutes. If I had been alone in that room I would have left it at that point, but thought we were safe with my husband there! I have never been a believer in paranormal activity until now! We reported to front desk next morning, and they said they had reports of 3rd floor hauntings before. So we googled the history of The Tremont when we got home and found that others had experienced the same haunting that we had. So, if you wan a REAL paranormal experience, stay in room 344! Especially if there's a storm brewing! Good Luck!

By: HauntedTremont   December 25, 2009
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